Quick macros 2

Even though lots of online players are bound to have at least heard about macros when they never use them over a regular basis, keyboard and mouse macros aren’t only for this team of men and women. Quick macros 2 is really a nice program which was designed to create various types of macros.

The app includes a simple interface along with a clean layout, making it quick to figure out by all users.

As mentioned, the program can record, replay and edit keyboard and mouse macros. These could be utilized for various types of purposes, this sort of as “Common folder”, “Common applications”, “Macro skills”, “Online match usage” and “Right button simply click me”.

Each individual in the macros is listed to the app’s interface, complete along with the picked get started and quit very hot keys as well as a description. These could be edited at any periods.

New macros may be designed by just selecting the “Record” function in the interface. While you perform the desired actions, the program records everything and lets you help you save and edit the brand new macro

You may even insert additional commands to the keyboard or mouse. Everything you need to do is type in the key you desire the program to push for you personally or perhaps the type of mouse simply click you would like to perform, as well as the coordinates to your site exactly where the mouse ought to go to.

All in all, Quick macros 2 is really a nice tool that may be fairly practical to have close to, especially if you often perform the exact same actions to the computer. Fewer experienced users ought to find it effortless to manage, owing to the intuitive format and its all round simplicity.


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