Windows Privacy Tweaker

However an indisputable big step forward in human evolution, Internet plus the power to reach any user on the globe by way of an online connection has also intended that non-public data can be collected and stored without the need of users even being aware of it. Ensuring Windows Vista and later privacy settings are nearly scratch can be carried out applying Windows Privacy Tweaker, a practical utility which could empower or disable quite a few built-in OS functions.

The program would not require any installation and users are confronted with an intuitive and efficiency-geared interface. However, you happen to be prompted to create a system restore level in advance of making use of system tweaks, as some changes may well render some applications or even the overall OS unusable. Adjusting configurations is performed by using simple enable/disable buttons, which might be also color marked, in order to attract attention to potentially unsafe occasions.

The application is designed with in mind, even though it can be employed with good success with Vista or later installments. Once launched, 3 tabs keep the key information, with targets for that process currently being the Windows services, scheduled OS jobs, and registry merchandise. “Uncheck all” and “check all” options can be employed to easily apply batch modifications to the many entries in almost any presented tab.

It ought to be noted that the program will not endeavor to switch another options compared to the default privateness options. For that reason, it would not root out possibilities registry exploits from 3rd party programs, or expose and solve scheduled malware applications.

Every tab lists the default Windows components that impinge on one’s privacy and among the entries 1 finds Xbox data synchronization services, client go through enhancement program dependencies (DiagTrack), Cortana-related settings, data selection (DcpSvc) and sensor assistance options, alongside other telemetry or biometric registry entries.

Additionally, Windows Privacy Tweaker can control applications’ access to location, camera, and various other configurations, resources, or devices, disable Microsoft ads and block Bing queries. A lot of command line parameters can be employed for additional advanced operations, just like ‘fix each of the privateness issues’ or ‘revert to default’.

In conclusion, Windows Privacy Tweaker can be a simple utility for adjusting a number of in the Windows built-in security configurations. The program can focus on system registry entries, scheduled operating system components, and even Windows services.

Regardless of the user-friendly layout and its simplicity of use, the configurations it tampers with are important, so you’ll want to examine each function and create a data backup ahead of implementing the variations, just to keep away from unnecessary threats.


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